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Whether you have less than perfect credit or no credit, JBS Finance can help you get the financing you need for the vehicle you deserve. JBS Finance will help you establish or re-establish your credit, while driving your new car. JBS Finance can pre-arrange all of your financing at a dealership near you, and take the hassles out of your next car buying experience.

The process is easy. Follow the steps below today and you could be driving your new car tomorrow:

  • Fill out our online credit application.
  • Receive pre approved terms in an email within 24 hours.
  • Conference with JBS Finance to discuss terms and car buying options.
  • Shop as a cash buyer at any of our preferred dealerships or your local dealer.

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By submitting the following pre-approval application, I certify that all information herein is true and complete. I authorize JBS Finance and their participating auto dealers to retain this pre-approval application, to rely on the foregoing, to check and verify my credit with the credit bureau and to check and verify the information I have provided.

By using our website, you authorize us to provide reports on the status of your application, including information concerning whether you pre-qualify for a loan, whether your application for credit is denied, and whether you accept a loan from JBS Finance.

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Or, if you would prefer, you can download the file in PDF format (right-click, save as) and scan/fax it to us at 678-828-5422.
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